The original black and green color palette has been amped up with an array of neon shades that capture Wongdoody's energy, boldness and enthusiasm, and a simple design keeps the memorable name as the hero. The new look is a big departure from the original. When Wongdoody was founded (1993), the identity was deliberately designed to look safe. "Who on earth would hire an unknown agency with a wacky name like Wongdoody? So why make it worse with a crazy logo?" explained Tracy Wong, Chairman and Co-Founder of Wongdoody. However over the years they became known for their unexpected creative, and that initial conservative identity was at odds with their work. This was a chance for their branding to sync up with what they do. Wongdoody has seen memorable hack-jobs of its name ever since the agency’s inception. These frequently botched names appear throughout the new identity, in a graphical text treatment on the back of new business cards and across the website.

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