The Mark Of Courage

The first of a two-prong approach, this execution was designed to reduce fear in suburban communities related to individuals voting their conscience.
In a closely contested election, many Venezuelans who would otherwise have liked to vote to oust Chavez were concerned the government would know their vote, and that their jobs and social welfare benefits would be put in jeopardy if they didn’t vote for the president.
Complicating matters was the introduction of a new electronic voting system in which all voters had a fingerprint scan immediately prior to entering the voting booth. Many Venezuelans feared the scan would be used to identify them and their vote.

To combat this fear, we introduced a campaign that presented the fingerprint as an icon of change. We transformed the thumbprint into a sign of patriotism, courage, and self-determination. We took a mark that caused people anxiety, and elevated it to a mark of pride, free-thinking, and individual choice.
Online + Text:  Users could text message into a short code and mark their support for the campaign digitally. Tens of thousands of people used and shared the service.
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