Banks are banks. There is only so many different products you can offer. At least that's what I thought before. This bank had a different spirit to it. Inside its walls there was a real culture emerging. The actual banks were designed like hotel lobbies and cafes. There were community boards—filled with postings. Employees were part of community groups. We built on this culture and helped define it and spread it into the world. We called it Umpquatising. And anytime you are going above and beyond to make something special that doesn't have to be, you're Umpquatizing. Through out a very difficult financial period, while other banks were closing, Umpqua was diving in, helping communities, being a great neighbor. These are a few of those projects where we brought their unique voice to life, taking everyday business and made it special.

Bank Account Moving Day 
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Bank In A Can
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Sales Team Incentive Program
Sales Team "National Flags"
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