San Mar, one of the world’s largest clothing manufacturers, steps out of the "white label" manufacturing world, and into mass fashion. Ready to take on clothing giants like American Apparel and Gap, San Mar re-designed it’s youth line, District Threads, revamping and expanding it’s style into some thing much more fashion forward. From there, we set out to build a strong brand position that gives a unique space in the fashion world, while not alienating the family friendly shops and bulk corporate purchasers they rely on. We based the new brand on their heritage of providing clothes to artists and hobbiest who add their designs and touches to make the clothes their own. Silkscreen artists, touring bands, high school clubs and geek groups would be at the core of our new brand. We re-crafted the name and built a dynamic high-energy language around the idea of an artist district: a place where all are welcome to join and create with clothes. No gritty sex appeal. No dour pouting. No referential remakes. District will be all about the new, the trying, the making, and the playing. Welcome to the District. It’s Made for You to Make.

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